I meant to write something about the books i’ve been reading lately, but i was too lazy to think of anything to say.

I enjoy reading, quite a bit but i unfortunately have the terrible habit of completely forgetting what a book is truly about almost right after i finish it. (not sure if this is due to old age, or plain terrible memory.)

So i thought i’d write small review type things to help me remember; also so i don’t forget I actually read them.

Secret Life of Bees - was sort of a difficult read for me. Only cause i found the setting a tad boring (just not what i’m used to.) I learned to enjoy it once the plot got interesting. I was able to relate to the ideas of feeling like an alien in a culture and traditions that aren’t your own, and compelled by the love and care that can be found in complete strangers. 

It’s Kind of a Funny Story - I watched the film from this before deciding that i had to read the book. The movie is surprisingly very close the original story, in the almost natural way the characters are portrayed. Though this book is about a kid who suffers from depression, it isn’t at all sad (which i was afraid it would be) but more like a tale of self-discovery in the face of mental illness. I really enjoyed the content of the book, though i found the style of writing too simple (not intellectually challenging), which kind of bored me. 

Looking for Alaska - John Green has quickly become one of my favourite authors, and even though i really enjoyed this book, i found it long in the sense of not feeling like it had any direction whatsoever until the end. Which makes sense once you’re past the climax of the story. Still is one of those books that makes you think, and question and learn how to have opinion, or consider perspectives you might’ve never thought about before. 

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  • 15.April.2013
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