I meant to write something about the books i’ve been reading lately, but i was too lazy to think of anything to say.

I enjoy reading, quite a bit but i unfortunately have the terrible habit of completely forgetting what a book is truly about almost right after i finish it. (not sure if this is due to old age, or plain terrible memory.)

So i thought i’d write small review type things to help me remember; also so i don’t forget I actually read them.

Secret Life of Bees - was sort of a difficult read for me. Only cause i found the setting a tad boring (just not what i’m used to.) I learned to enjoy it once the plot got interesting. I was able to relate to the ideas of feeling like an alien in a culture and traditions that aren’t your own, and compelled by the love and care that can be found in complete strangers. 

It’s Kind of a Funny Story - I watched the film from this before deciding that i had to read the book. The movie is surprisingly very close the original story, in the almost natural way the characters are portrayed. Though this book is about a kid who suffers from depression, it isn’t at all sad (which i was afraid it would be) but more like a tale of self-discovery in the face of mental illness. I really enjoyed the content of the book, though i found the style of writing too simple (not intellectually challenging), which kind of bored me. 

Looking for Alaska - John Green has quickly become one of my favourite authors, and even though i really enjoyed this book, i found it long in the sense of not feeling like it had any direction whatsoever until the end. Which makes sense once you’re past the climax of the story. Still is one of those books that makes you think, and question and learn how to have opinion, or consider perspectives you might’ve never thought about before. 

ASOS CURVE Biker Parka 

I am so obsessed with this jacket. 

I need it in my life.

Why must i be poor. 

The Way - Ariana Grande (feat. Mac Miller)

Seriously obsessed with this song!

Who would’ve thought this girl could sing so well?

Plus the video is super cute and the song is über catchy.

"You give me that kind of something, want it all the time, need it everyday. On a scale of one to ten, i’m at a hundred. Never get enough, I can’t stay away."

March 28th, 2013 - 3:59pm

At work - realizing i hadn’t posted anything in days.

I’ve been working so much this past two weeks that it seems like i’m perpetually tired.

Monday, was mami’s birthday but we just went to work and had a mini - celebratory dinner after work.

Yesterday was a good day, i finally got to see all of my friends (I had missed them so much), especially the group of them that were away for spring break.

Midweek was AMAZING, due to being ripped in half by Paris; followed by tons of laughs and endless hugs.

(Compliments on how well and eloquent my Spanish is made me so happy, apparently i haven’t forgotten it as much as i think.)

And finally getting home at midnight, after dinner with my friend Stephanie (though it felt like it was three am.)

again perpetually tired

i am withering quickly, children. 


Proposition 8 & DOMA ❤

March 25th, 2013 - 2:58 am


But this post is mainly to remind myself that i should not take ten hour naps during the day, cause;

  • they will obviously cause me to be awake all night
  • in which i make really poor decisions for myself like
  • going through most of John Green’s tumblr
  • and sob and the amounts of books i have yet to read
  • and videos i have yet to watch.

and finally question everything about my existence (this latter point being what i normally do when i’m awake at this hour) 


My weekend;

1. A really cold but rather gorgeous day, spent mostly at the mall in early celebrations for mami’s birthday.

2. Which obviously cause me to get new lipstick from NARS, ironically called ‘Cruella’.

3.  I spent most of church service admiring the building’s architecture than listening to the message, kind of. (I actually perfectly remember everything that was said, since i had previously listened to said message.)

One of my favourite pictures, i snapped of my best friend during our walk out in the snow.

Casting Shadows. 

I had always wanted to take a picture of this building because i love the way it looks, so much.

But i never found the right time, mainly cause i was scared people would look at me weird for stopping in the middle of the street to get a picture of some old thing.

I finally took the courage and snapped one the other day.

I am SO glad i did it, i am completely in love with the way it came out. 

March 23rd, 2013 - 12:55am

I feel achy in parts that hadn’t ached in a while.

I usually save quotes that i really like on my phone and stumbled upon something my best friend wrote that applies exactly to what i feel.

"It’s the anticipation. It’s incomparable. It’s the urgency for it to happen, the counting down minutes and increased communication and untamed smiles. It’s the journey, silent or loud or funny or musical, it’s a sense of unparalleled excitement regardless of the front I’m wearing. It’s the exhale. The ‘we’re here’ moment. The knowledge that for however long i’m in this space all it’s going to feel like love. Even when there’s tension, even when it’s weird, even when it’s unexpected. This space is content, and beyond that it truly needs no more than that. It’s God. It’s Him, patch worked into every person and laugh and sarcastic comment and steadied heartbeat. And you think the feeling is called happy because how else could you be having so much fun. 

But happy is simple. This is almost heaven. It’s placing all your favorite pieces of God in one room. It’s never long enough, it’s sporadic, it’s almost unpredictable. So you go the same places with the same people, and different places with the same people and you occasionally combine people from opposite groups looking for a more significant high. Then when you’ve got it, that moment of heaven, when you’re living in it, you’re so sure this is the most fun you’ve ever had, and it’s good and you laugh. But you have to leave it and then there’s a gap, an aching, and you wonder how fun could leave a gap like that. It can’t. That gap is the pressure chamber in your chest telling you this is not heaven  anymore, breathing won’t make it any easier, and all of that love was a memory. If you want it again, chase it.

So im steady chasing God because where other people find Him in a book, I mostly find him in people. And i can’t quite get a handle on only feeling him at concerts, and restaurants, and during late nights in NYC.”

- A Poet’s Prose 

Spring and summer can’t come fast enough, so i can have a little bit of this again.